[H] <The Coffee Shoppe> 8-11 EST Tues/Thur

The Coffee Shoppe 2/10 M 10/10 HC AotC.

Hello all

is a semi-hardcore Mythic Raiding Guild, centered around fully clearing content while it is current. Sloop the GM has created an excellent community with high quality players with excellent attitudes and a comradery that cannot be beat!

When We Raid:

Tuesday, 8:00 PM - 11:00 Pm (EST)
Thursday, 8:00 PM - 11:00 Pm (EST)

What We Want:

1 Mage
1 Boomkin
1 Ret Paladin
1 DK Frost/Unholy
2 Warlocks
1 SP
2 Rogue

We have a current roster of 14 players and want to grow and have options as we push mythic

If you wish to be part of this fantastic team please add our btags
gilga2k#1922 Raid Leader
Sloop#1418 Guild Master

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Come join this amazing team!

Come join an amazing group of people for progression and have some fun along the way.

Hey all we want a tank and more dps!

We also provide tea

I’m looking at moving to A52 Horde side and your raid times are perfect. Brewmaster monk. Currently 10/10 H Sod, with 2150 raider io score. Looking to find a home for this character I’m posting from. This is my main. Ignore renown level. I’ve been working on maxing it with all covs. It’s 80 w/ Kyrian and Fae.

btag: Nytis#1984

Still in need of dps and a tank!

You guys still in need of a tank?

Can you play any ither spec and be a backup tank?

Need dps and 1 healer!

would you be willing to take a look at another hunter? i also have geared alts and am willing to discuss main switching.

Upo to the top!


Yay! we still need a tank!

Still looking for DPS.

Balance/Feral druid

Still in need of:

Balance/Feral druid

And 1 paladin healer