[H] TESTAMENT Recruiting


Testament is a newly formed guild of experienced raiders, looking for more members. We are a raiding guild with a tight-knit roster of knowledgeable players, that have recently relocated servers as our old servers population had diminished to nearly non-existent. We are looking to push into Mythic progression ASAP.

■Battle for Azeroth Progression:

Battle for Dazar’alor - 7/9H
Uldir - 8/8N | 8/8H | 3/8M

■Raid Schedule:

Date/Nights: Monday/Tuesday | 5pm-8pm PST (8pm-11pm Server)
Type: Semi-Hardcore
Goal: Mythic Progression


Current needs: 1 Tank, 3 Healers, DPS

We are always recruiting: all applicants will be considered regardless of item level, progression or class/spec, provided you can prove past experience/performance via combat logs. We are looking for reliable skilled players, more than specific classes. Each patch cycle has swings where certain classes or specs get buffed or nerfed, we want players that are capable of adapting and performing regardless of what may happen to that class/spec.

■Voice Communication:


GM Moark - Stormscale (Moark#1991
Officer - Malkazrah - Stormscale (Malachi#1604)

■Recruitment Process:

Our process is pretty simple. We bring a recruit along to a run and into our Discord to see how the recruit will mesh with the group as we are far from a PG raiding guild. We do not require logs, but know that we will seek them out on our own if available to verify information and performance. They are helpful and appreciated if they can be shared.

■What we expect from our guild members:

As a Raider:

■ You should be able to maintain good attendance. Since we only raid six hours per week it is vital that you are able to be available and on time. When we say our times are 5-8pm this means we are to be pulling the boss at 5pm. It -does not- mean that you login at 5.

This doesn’t mean we don’t understand real life happens. If you know you that can’t make a raid or will be late you need to post in our Discord Attendance channel. In the rare emergency where you unable to do so we would appreciate if you contact -someone- preferably an officer to let us know. This does factor into how we choose who comes into Mythic and who does not. If you’re consistently late or only showing up when you want, don’t expect us to prioritize you over someone else.

■You should have a good knowledge of your class and spec, and should be able to back that knowledge up with logs.

■You should have a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. If you disconnect or experience lag issues often, you will be asked to step out. We run a very limited amount of nights a week and will not waste time repeatedly. This is incredibly important with us only running 6 hours of raid per week.

■You need to be willing to participate in Discord, communication is a key to strengthening the bond between our raiders. If you cannot or will not communicate with others then this may not be the type of place for you.

■As a Social:

Social invites are always open. If you only have time to play for a couple hours a week and are looking for a stable home, feel free to whisper anyone in the guild. We hold the same standards for socials as we do for our raiders. Don’t be a jerk, be a respectable person.