[H] <Team Trash> Casual M+ guild

Team Trash is a fun loving community guild based on Barthillas, we are composed of a group of friends who have all come together to form a relaxed home where we can play Wow together. For the time being we are on the smaller side but looking to expand our roster and welcome in some new faces. while still maintaining that small guild community essence.

What can you expect from us?

  • A small, welcoming community of mature folks
  • No pressure to perform at a high level – however knowledge of your class and instances is expected when running higher content
  • Eventual evening raiding (days and times to be advised)
  • A small but mighty group of adventurers to help you complete the game be in through quests, dungeons or casual pvp
  • Other activities including achievement runs, guild shenanigans, mount and transmog farming etc
  • A shiny new discord to share our shenanigans both in game and irl

Our guild activity is primarily in the late afternoon - evenings with expanded times on the weekends. We spend a lot of time running keys - currently our high key runs are +15 and moving up. We also run low level keys, normal dungeons, level alts (lots and lots of alts), chase achievements, and enjoy a casual raid every now and then. We are looking to eventually have a raid team put together but for the time being that isnt a major priority for us right now.


Battlenet - Geodard#11951

Discord - Geo#5570

A bit shy? We also have a Guild Finder ad up and you can apply there. Don’t hesitate even if you’re not quite sure yet and only want to ask some questions first!
Whatever method you choose to approach us, we’re eager to meet you!