[H] Tank LFG


I have 3 tanks, Prot warrior(407), Blood DK(406), and Brew monk(406) on A52, and a prot pally(410) on Thrall. I am looking for at least 3/9M. EST time

I can play Ret on my pally if needed.


(Bannr) #2

Would love to chat!

Elevenfold [A] Stormrage

We are a 3 day per week progression orientated mythic raiding guild. Currently 6/9M BOD 25% on mek and 8/8 CE uldir and seeking exceptional players.

Raid times: Tues/Wed/Sun - 7:30-11:00pm EST

Our goal is to push CE as quickly as we can on a reasonable raid schedule. Outside of mythic progression, we are active in other activities such as mythic key pushing, assaults, rbgs, etc. We run a lean raid roster and do not recruit for the bench, all needs are for core raid positions.

Please contact either:
Raid lead: Oblvnxknight#1712 (btag) or oblvnxknight#6331 (disc)
Recruitment Officer: Banr#1424 (btag) or Banr#4484 (discord)