[H] Tank, Heals and DPS LF Raid Team

Hi There,

Group of friends looking for a raid team for the current and/or next coming tier.

Druid (Guardian)
Shaman (Resto)
Priest (Shadow/Disc) - Alt (Warlock)
Hunter (BM)

What we are looking for: Semi Hardocre Raiding Team. Raid times must be between 6pm (AEST) until 10pm (AEST). We would like to stay on 2 raiding days only. Most of us are kiwis, so we would prefer to have an earlier raid time. Team must be progression minded with a good mix of raid Comp. Not too hardcore focusing on Meta classes. Fun and relaxed atmosphere! Good Leadership (within Raid and Guild) is a big plus for us. We had some bad experience with horrible Guild and RL from previous guilds so we’re bit cautious. We would like to try on some Mythic bosses as well if possible. Big end goal is CE but we’ll prog with the team as much as we can.

What we can offer: It’s bit unusual but we come in together if possible. We would like to stay on HORDE side and on the realm if possible. All of us have Mythic Raiding Experience (11/12 M NYA) from previous expansion on all roles in those classes. We know our classes/specs but still learning cos things always changing! Always prepared on raids and researched fights for bosses.

If you have any questions, please contact me on Discord: PizzaJet#5129