(H) tank druid/warlock/etc looking for chill guild for WOTLK

Hi all. I’m looking for a mature, friendly guild to raid with in WOTLK.

I have extensive past experience raiding back in the day (including server first heroic 25man Lich King and Halion kills) but am looking for a more relaxed raiding environment this time around.

I’m not looking to push server firsts or even push hard on heroics, but to enjoy the raiding experience a bit more and relax with other like-minded players, whilst still seeing content.

My ideal raid times would be 7:00 svt ending at around 10:00 - 11:00

I am looking to play a tank druid, however I would also be open to playing a warlock. Even if these roles don’t suit your teams needs, flick me a message. I’m happy to discuss other possibilities!

If any guilds feel like I could suit their team, please message me on discord: Goonties#3733

Bumping. Still searching for a home