[H] Tank and Healer LFG for Dragonflight


I’m looking to main a tank next expansion (leaning towards paladin or monk ATM), and I play with a resto druid. We’ve played on and off for years and are comfortable in normal and heroic difficulties.

We’re interested in raiding (normal and heroic) and mythic+. We’d prefer weekday raids anywhere between 5pm and 9pm server.

Character pages for current mains:

Happy to chat in game or Discord:

  • BNET: Karhu#11474
  • Discord: Karhu#1023

Thank you!

Hi There! We might be in need of both a tank and a healer for Dragonflight! Please add my battle tag Wild#11964 and we can chat more!

Quick TL;DR on the guild: We are Dont Die on Hyjal and we are an AoTC focused guild. We raid Monday an Thursday from 6-8 Server. We achieved all AoTCs and cleared all Fated Raids in Shadowlands.