[H] T5 Geared 8/10 Ret+Prot Pala LF Raiding Guild

Classic TBC XP

Geared ret & prot paladin LF raiding guild that suits my availabilities due to current guild halting progression. Looking to progress through the xpac with regular raid completion in phase 2. Capable in all aspects of T5 as DPS and Tank. Have progged to last phase in KT and first two phases Vashj

About me

Played since vanilla WoW through all xpacs as a mid to high-rated arena player and occasional raider. Always down to bant and have fun while raiding.


  • Thursday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Nights 7:00pm to 12:00pm server time

General stuff

  • 375 Engi / 375 BS
  • Fully-consumed always
  • Goes above and beyond for guildies for attunes etc.
  • Alt Ele sham attuned to TK/SSC in mostly pre-raid/phase 1 BiS
  • Resto druid @ level 69 in the works
  • Public logs available (no links in these topics)


  • Send a message in-game to Goldenpieces or Greenpieces
  • Add my discord and message me there Goldenpieces#6018
  • Reply on the topic