[H] Storm - LFM

Storm is recruiting members to expand its main raiding roster. We are an older guild, casual and care free group who loves to have fun while not taking things too seriously. Most of us have been playing since vanilla and throughout the expansions.

Storm is a casual normal\heroic raiding guild. We have been through the hard core raiding scene and do not want to make raiding another job and experience any drama. Our main goal is to have fun raiding while making fun of everyone. We do run mythic+’s and help with repairs and leveling along with PVP events.
We’re currently looking for more members to expand our raid roster mainly hybrid classes who can and are willing to do two specs (dps, heals, tank) for back up roles. We are also open to any other classes as well.

Current Progression:
7/9 normal
1/9 heroic (just started)

raid times\days: Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm-10pm server time

Add me for more info #Lopan11712 thanks for the read!