[H] Startup of Morning/Daytime Community and Guild

Hey Zul’jin,

TL;DR Starting a group that will push m+ and raids, usually around 9am-12pm server time.

I am looking to start up a community/guild(on retail, US-Zul’jin realm, Horde side), for players that typically play throughout the morning or afternoon, that would like to have a consistent group to synergize and rely on for m+ and raid pushing. As someone who works graveyard shift, I am having a hard time finding a guild that fits my schedule, and I am sure that I am not the only one out there. After looking around a little bit, I didn’t find much that fits into that mold, so I am putting it upon myself to do so.

The plan is to have interested people join my newly formed community that I created with this in mind, and can use my personal guild as the starting home for this new group. Primarily looking for people who have previously raided at an endgame level(mythic raiding, and high end keys),or find themselves capable of raiding at that level, but are also willing to work up to that with a brand new group. Looking for those wanting to learn and grow with a friendly, like-minded group of people through synergy and patience, but also people that can both give and take constructive criticism.

We would start working on normal Sanctum of Domination as soon as we had enough people to start raiding(10+ people) and until that point, we would be working on teamwork and synergy through m+ pushing. We would naturally make our way into Heroic and then finally Mythic raiding after clearing the respective easier difficulties of the raid. The goal would be to push as much as we could given the group size that we have, eventually leading to some mythic raiding.

A little about myself. I have been consistently playing WoW since the good ol’ days of BC in 2007, and when I say consistently, I mean that I have yet to unsubscribe since my starting day. I have absolutely no intention of ever really stopping, so I feel that I am quite a reliable person to startup a new group. My main has been this shaman since those days, and always will be. I mainly play as resto, but am well versed in all three shaman specs. I thoroughly enjoy and play every class in every game though, so with that being said, I feel like I have a good understanding of what each class can bring to the table. I can also help most people out that might be seeking some advice.

I have raided throughout the years, usually at a mythic level. There were some tiers I played more casually than others, depending on how much I was pursuing other things like achievements and collecting. Last tier, I went 8/10M in CN, and achieved KSM for season 1 before I dedicated some time for BCC release, mainly for nostalgic purposes. I have even raid lead in the past, so I am not unfamiliar in those shoes. I would ultimately be looking for others that could also lead. Playing mostly as a healer, I would eventually want to hand that responsibility to others, but I also shouldn’t have an issue doing so for the start up.

When it comes time for this community/guild to start raiding, I am looking to raid roughly around 9am-12pm server time, twice a week. The days TBD depending on probably a groupwide vote, but will be static days every week once established.

If this sounds like something for you, reach out to me by whispering Hempingway in game, adding me on bnet Markolious#11763 or simply message me on discord, Hempingway#9322 and I can get you into the community group and/or guild, whichever you prefer. I am on everyday. I will also be setting up a discord channel soon.

(I cannot change the character I made this post with, but you can see my real shaman in the following post, who is on Zul’jin and on retail WoW)

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The character showing that I made the post with isn’t my retail/main shaman. You should be able to see it with this post, if you need to see my real shaman.

I sent you a friend req on disc. I am looking for a guild or community to do exactly this with on weekends. Holy priest main.