[H] <Special Treatment> 6/12M LF DPS & Healer Tue-Wed (7-9:30)

Recruitment Contact: Logiibob#1659

About Us:

Special Treatment (6/12M) is an established Horde guild on US-Hyjal. We’re an active group of players/working professional in our late 20’s to middle 30’s looking for solid performers to progress Mythic level content on a two day raid schedule.

Core Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday 7:00PM-9:30PM PST-Server/10:00PM-12:30AM EST

Core Raid Requirements:

HIGH Attendance - Two day raid schedule means we have to be consistent to Win.

Understand that performance means more than just WCL parses; it also means playing specs or builds necessary to get progression kills.

Our players are expected to put in time and use the available tools outside of raid to improve.

High Weekly Mythic Plus Key (This tier is 15)

RCLootCouncil - Addon that helps speedup the time it takes to do loot.

Current Recruitment Needs:
Open Roles: Healer/DPS
Locked Roles: Tank

High Demand: HUNTER - LOCK - DK
Locked: DRUID - PALI Classes

Come join - we have cookies

6 of 12! Vex will go down soon!

WTB DPS w/ heal OS!

We’re now 7/12! Come help pew pew Raden - Into 3’rd orb phase on night 1.

8/12! Come join the fun.

Bliz mod please delete this thread - We posted new recruitment here;