[H] <Something Simple> Raiding Guild| Sat/Sun 6pm Server Time

Something Simple (Whitemane-Horde)

We are a newly formed Social/Raiding Guild Looking for new members to fill our 10man and soon 25m Slots. We are looking for chill people who want to have fun raiding. We are also recruiting players of any level who just want to be social and have a good time ;).

Currently Needs

Kara Group 1

  • Warrior/Druid Tank
  • Shaman (Ele or Enh)

Kara Group 2

  • Warrior/Druid Tank
  • 2 Hunters
  • 1 Warlock

Raid Times

Sunday: 7pm-9:30pm Server Time
Saturday: 7pm-9:30pm Server Time


  • Karazhan: 10/12
  • Gruul’s Lair: 1/2
  • Magtheridon’s Lair: 0


  • Soft Res

Contact me ingame or on discord for more info!
Discord - -Nomz-#5243
Ingame - Jnomz

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