[H] SoD - Wildgrowth <Not Optimal> Adult Only - Semi HC

Adult only raiding guild, successful raiding in both Classic 2019 and SoM. Active discord every day / night. We do rep grinds and rune grinds together. Raid time 7-9pm server Mon/Thurs. Looking for pumpers who like to get in and get out of raid.

hey im a warrior dps, im a mythic raider and have raided all of classic as a warrior as well, pretty knowledgeable can look at all my logs under the name Shhanon. discord is Apex5679 (shhanon)

Hey, when I get home tonight we can jump in discord and chat. If it seems like we are a good fit for you, we would be happy to toss you an invite! Definitely need some warriors who can pump.

yeah ofc tbh i hit 25 on this guy not too long ago but have a bis alliance fdruid so i know hte raid just need to get better gear rn see you then!

Bump - still looking to add more people who actually show up to raid and socialize in discord

Bump - we are still looking for members at this time! PST for me or Legendairy in game if you are interested!

Looking for tanks, heals, hunter, feral dps, and rogue for full time raid slots

hey! i’m a heroic raider in retail and just got to lvl 25 on my enhance sham, do you guys have anymore room in your raid group? also leveling a priest to heal eventually.

Hey, thanks for reaching out! Enhance shamans are in a pretty rough spot right now :frowning: Definitely got room as we always have someone who cant make it in one of the raid groups and we only slot in 9 permanent raiders per raid team so we always have an extra spot per raid group to take extra bodies who want to go. You looking to raid full time all the way through end game?

yea i’m looking to raid full time if I can

Awesome, dont see why we cant make that work. Add me on discord: legendairy2

Looking for 2 full time tanks for final group