[H] <SMASH> Recruiting 1-3 DPS

SMASH is recruiting for it’s core raid team! Currently recruiting 1-2 DPS warriors and potentially a third DPS (non rogue/mage).

We are a progressive raiding guild with a casual atmosphere that maintains a single raid group and 40 man roster so that raiders never have to get benched. BWL, MC, and Ony are all on farm now.

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed 8:00pm - 10:30pm server.
Sun as off-raid day (to clear Ony on 5 day reset timer).

We clear all (including trash) of BWL, MC, and Ony each week in under 6 hours. We have the third fastest clears for MC and BWL (from P1+P2) on horde side. That being said, we keep a very casual atmosphere and have a friendly and helpful group that is active on discord and plays other games together throughout the week. We maintain a robust and fair DKP system with no shenanigans, come join us and get loots!

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