[H-Skywall] <Vi Sar Inte> Late Night Sun/Mon

<Vi Sar Inte> is recruiting for a brand new raid team! We will primarily be focusing on Normal and then eventually Heroic raids.

Our core team is made up of a few RL friends who have been running Mythic Plus at a high level since the expansion launched and we are looking to expand into raiding, but we need you! We are all adults with jobs, kids, wives, but we encourage anyone of any age to join us!

We have previous expansion experience at all levels of raiding and leading, but since BFA we have taken a step back from raiding and now want to get into it again.

We will be raiding on Sundays and Mondays starting at 8pm server time and running until 11pm.

Our plan is to be up, running, and self sufficient by the time 8.1 launches, but we will be running pick-up raids in the mean time. Feel free to message me with questions. We will gladly accept cross realm as well.

We are brand new and hope you have patience and understanding while we grow and begin!

Arixmethes on Skywall
Arixmethes#9801 on Discord