[H] <Sinister> 25m Recruitment

Looking to fill last spots for our 25m.
Resto Sham/Hpally
Ranged Dps

High Prio
Boomkin, Lock, Ele Sham
Expressions of interest by all other roles/classes are welcome.

Raid Times
Wed/Thurs 8-11 ST.

About Us
We are a newly formed guild consisting of experienced players with previous raid lead experience and officer positions within prominent guilds. My personal experience stretches from Vanilla Classic through to WoD. We expect to clear content in a quick and efficient manner, whilst creating a fun and relaxed guild.

We describe ourselves as semi-hardcore - as mentioned above, we expect to clear content in a quick and efficient manner. In order for us to achieve this, we require our raiders to be informed about their class, raid encounters and be putting in enough effort to gather close to pre-bis. We want our guild to also be relaxed and laid back.

Our first 25m will commence on 19/10. We will be running 10 mans between now and then.

Please reach out to either Holyadin or Howpal in-game, or feel free to join our disc.