[H] Silverblades Recruiting! Heroic Aotc/M+, Casual PVP [US][Emerald Dream]


The Silverblades are recharging the ranks! We are looking to expand our skilled but relaxed guild for the new tier. This is your chance to get in on ground level and be part of a growing project!

We Want You!

Although all classes and levels are welcome, we are generally looking for experienced players who carry scars of a few expansions but have not lost their love for the community and sense of joy for new game content.

Our Community:

The guild was founded on the chance meeting of two groups of IRL friends; some Canadians from Ontario, and a gang of New Yorkers. We are very close and love to forget about the stress of life by hanging in our discord and gaming together in WOW and beyond. We welcome anyone aged 21+ to a mature, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for enjoying WOW. We are mostly guys and girls 25+ with jobs and families, this is a zero-drama zone and we are all loveable nerds. Twitch streamers welcome!

PVE Heroes:

The first two seasons of Dragonflight have seen our merry band get AOTC and KSM for all our regulars, working together and having a blast. Some guys got their PVP mounts from the arena too!

We are keenly seeking a few more heroic raider DPS for season 3 and Amirdrassil raid, a DH, boomkin, a warrior, and anyone else who can throw serious hands.

We have cleared heroic content since our founding in 2019, we love to raid but keep the schedule very light. Right now we raid on Sunday evenings at 8:30ET, we may flex into additional raid time on Tuesdays if needed. We always clear heroic while it is current content. We love M+ and like to run multiple 5-man teams and help each other progress in pushing as high as we can.

PVP Action:

Most of our guildees enjoy casual pvp, but a handful love to push arena as hard as they can, you would be most welcome to come get sweaty with our pvp crew.

RP: Some guildees are RPers or RP curious and are looking to expand in this area, we are definitely RP friendly as it adds a nice flavor and sense of epicness to the game.

Leveling players and lore junkies are welcome, we have some pretty prolific mount and mog hunters already.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you, contact us in-game; or apply for us on the guild finder tab. We would love to see some alliance peeps come on over too!

Ajaxxor: IronDuke#11270

< Thanks for taking the time to read this and much love to all the Emerald Dreamers, we love it here >

Sounds like a great guild - alas, I am of the wrong faction. Will be great to have more RP-friendly guilds on the server. Best of luck to you!

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Cross faction guilds are a thing now, no?

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Hey folks, thanks for your replies; yes cross faction guilds are a thing! Several of our members just race changed to alliance or brought alts over, we are thrilled to be able to have both factions under one roof!

I am Royshadows.

Hey are y’all still looking for guildies? I added Ajaxxor on Bnet

A little bump to say thanks for so much interest, recruiting has gone well and our raid team is kicking butt.

At this time we are still on the lookout for a powerful Evoker or Priest healer and Warlocks for heroic raiding! Sunday night at 8:30et is our start time!

If you’re chilled but skilled give us a shout!

Bump!! Group of cool skilled peeps looking for more.

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We are still looking for dps and a healer for heroic! We run on Sundays from 8.30et until midnight!