[H] <SHUFO> Jubei'Thos - FM/Thau/Gund - 2nights LFM GMT+8

Greetings, champion!

SHUFO - Jubei’thos 10/10H (and any connected realms)

A Filipino guild created by a group of friends is looking for more players and raiders. Some currently located in Aus/NZ and some located in the Philippines.

Mostly a PVE raiding guild, with a touch of PVP content. We are a casual guild with a good number of active players that do M+ and raids.

The majority of the guild members are working professionals that usually come on during the night and shoot the s**t with the members. We are a friendly bunch that help each other out in pushing keys to enable all our members to participate in the raid. Should you wish to join, you will be asked to answer a few questions regarding your goals in the game. You will not be forced to do content you would not want to do. We respect all of our members’ time and choices and do not discriminate.

We have a schedule for 2 nights raid and are currently recruiting more raiders looking to start progress on CN Mythic, and also prepare for the 9.1 Heroic Progression.

Raid Schedules are:
10:00pm(22:00) Server Time to 1:00am(01:00) Server Time (GMT+10)
for reference it’s 8:00pm(20:00) to 11:00pm(23:00) GMT+8 Philippines/Singapore Time

Anyone is welcome to join.

Please add and look for any of the following to be invited in: