[H] <Shore Shack> Tues/Sun 7-10pm EST

Shore Shack is recruiting to solidify our 10 and 25 man raid teams! We are looking for ranged DPS and two more healers!

Raids are Thursday and Sunday from 7-10pm. We use a DKP system for 25 man raids and a MS>OS+1 system for 10 man raids.
Guild is casual-productive. We expect raiders to come prepared to each raid but we are not pushing for speed clears or parses. We play together and work to actively make our characters better but understand real life is more important.

Classes in High Demand are;
Balance Druid
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Holy Priest
Mage or Warlock

All classes should feel free to reach out.
You can reach me in game on Radicalrandy, or my Battletag - Salter#1246, or via Discord - Salter#9420.

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Update: Looking for a Balance Druid for Thursday night Karazhan and Sunday night 25 man raids. Need a couple more various ranged or melee DPS as well for our core 25man group and Kara rotations. Feel to reach out to me =D

Looking for a Boomkin/Ranged DPS and and Rogue or Warrior DPS for our core teams.

Gruul is down! Could use a Warrior/Boomkin/Mage/and Healer for our 25 raid team. Other classes feel free to reach out as well!