[H] <Serenity> Khaz’goroth GMT+8 AOTC

Serenity is a casual AOTC raid guild formed by a group of ex-progression raiders from vanilla days. We have all kinds of members, but most of us are older, and based in GMT+8 timezones like Perth and Singapore.

For Core Raiders:
AOTC every tier, one night a week on Sundays. No Mythic raid, as it doesn’t allow flex numbers, to keep things easy going. Glory achieves because mounts and nerd points.

For Socials & Alts:
An extra casual raid open to all guild members on some Friday nights. Supported by the core raiders and their alts, it’s a super chill run where everyone can join in the fun. Attendance is totally optional.

For everyone:
M+ groups, random fun stuff like achievement runs, and an active discord server where guildies yak all day.

Raid schedule
Core raid - Sunday 8pm GMT+8
Social raid - Friday 9pm GMT+8

Core raid: mage priority. Other classes considered.
Social members are always welcome.

Happy to chat with any like-minded players who might find a good home here :slight_smile:


Bump for ugly orc and panda warriors pls :slightly_smiling_face:

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recruitment updated

MOre Panda!

recruiting mage and healer for tentacle fun times

Still seeking a mage, and also room for a shammy now. Find us in game!

Friday night social raids are well underway for this tier and open to all members - if you’re tired of pugging raids & dungeons or just want to hang out with some easygoing people, we could be the home for you.

Recruiting dps warrior for Shadowlands.

Hi you guys still accepting socials?

Hi Slakka, just catch up with us in-game :slight_smile:

Social members welcome - if you’re still looking for a home for Shadowlands come join our little community :slight_smile:

Hi Ember,

I’m a returning player since WotLK. Have always been Khaz’goroth. However sadly when I returned, I found out that everyone I knew have stopped playing wow & are all gone. Would you guys be willing to accept me in? Singaporean here.

Hi Deathscythe, sure thing just catch up with us in game :slight_smile:

Were you guys once Alliance? I think this was my old guild in Vanilla days.

A lot of us are from old guild RoE in vanilla days :slight_smile:
Maybe you’re thinking of Guild Serenity? Although I think they were horde too.

We all had a nice break this last tier and are so ready for Sepulcher.
It’s been a while since we’ve had room for more, so come join us!

updated - raid recruitment closed for now.
Socials welcome.

Recruiting for Dragonflight!

Core raid: mage, priest as priority. Other classes considered.
Social members are always welcome.

updated boops