[H] <Send It> (14/14 P3) Recruiting core raiders for BT/MH 25m

We are a primarily Australian/NZ guild on the Arugal server. We are a PVE focused guild with a core of individuals and friend groups with hardcore raiding experience throughout the entire span of World of Warcraft content. Our intent is to clear all content in an organized, drama-free, friendly and fun atmosphere but with a less hardcore approach to raid time per week. Our experienced officer team votes on all major guild decisions so that no one person is making choices for the entire guild. We try to be as open as possible so all choices that are being made are transparent and that the good of the entire guild comes first. Our goal is to ensure our raids are as organized as possible on our main raid nights in a manner similar to larger guilds but with less focus on 25 man split raids or the need to attend PTR raids.

Our current raid times are as follows (server time):

Monday 8PM - 11:30PM
Tuesday 8PM - 11:30PM
Sunday 8PM - 11:30PM (Prog night when required)

It’s expected that as a raider you are capable of attending all 3 raid days.

Our guild uses a Loot Council system to distribute loot which is based on performance and ensuring loot is spread out among our raid fairly.

If interested hop on our Discord where there is an up to date list of needed classes/roles and apply - https://discord.gg/wfmyGhsUsG

Currently looking for:

Moonkin Druid
Holy/Disc Priest
Dest Warlock

All other classes/specs welcome to apply, exceptional applicants are always considered.

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Bumping post, needed classes always up to date :point_up_2:

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Bumping, looking for a few keen people to join us for P3 raids