[H] Selling AOTC, M+, and More!

Hey everyone!

Disciples of Grey is selling a variety of services on horde side of Kilrogg-Winterhoof. This has now been updated for BoD!

General Info:

  • All gold is paid up front at the beginning of the run. No deposits necessary
  • No understanding of the content is necessary
  • Character must be level 120 on horde side
  • No participation required

Our runs take place each Tuesday at 9pm PST. Some Tuesdays may be unavailable because of holidays or unforeseen circumstances. Please message for details.

Here are all of the services we are offering:

Heroic Jaina AOTC - 300,000 gold
Heroic Jaina kill that will award you AOTC.

Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor Full Clear - 800,000 gold
Includes all 9 bosses from BoD Heroic

Normal Battle of Dazar’alor Full Clear - 400,000 gold
Includes all 9 bosses from BoD Normal

Mythic+ 10 - 150,000 gold
Key not guaranteed to be on time.

You can look through the old Kilrogg/Winterhoof forum to see our previous sales of AOTC, Gul’dan mounts, Nightbane and other runs.

Feel free to contact me here (or message a guildie that is online)

KirbyAu#1259 (BattleTag)
KirbyAu#1105 (Discord)

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Hey Kirby,

You folks gonna be doing AOTC runs for the mount? I’d rather give you guys the “business” instead of a random run out of group finder, if you guys are down.


Hey man! Unfortunately, we aren’t on Kilrogg anymore :frowning: We are on Tich!

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Oh snap! Alright then, thanks for the reply! Wish you guys the best of luck!

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