[H] <Secret Door>, Illidan 7/9H, LFM

Our guild is looking for some chill but motivated members to fill some roles in our group.

A little about us:

Guild Name: Secret Door
Realm: Illidan
Faction: Horde
Raid Days/Times: Tues/Thurs 9pm-12 Eastern Time.
Progress: We are 7/9 H in BfD – had some roster/real life issues that slowed us down a little bit, but AotC should be within our reach in a few weeks. The group is VERY active in our discord and really enjoys M+.

We just moved to Horde on US-Illidan from Alliance on US-Thunderlord the 3rd week of April, 2019 (during the sale). We are a smaller guild (about 20 people) and we like the smaller group size. We only field 1 raid team, none of that A-team, B-team BS.

The guild has been around since the middle-end of WoD. We started with a very mixed group of real-life friends with widely varying skills at the game (some Mythic level raiders and some who’d never picked up the game before). We have learned a lot together and earned AotC in EVERY raid in Legion and in Uldir this xpac. I fully expect to continue to get AotC in BfD and all future raids. We do step into Mythic if we have time/interest before the next raid drops – we are hoping to get into Mythic more consistently, but I would still primarily consider us a Heroic guild.

What we’re looking for:

  • Mdps w/ Tank OS for raids and ESPECIALLY M+. Our 2 raid tanks are getting burned out being the only “in-house” tanks for M+. Someone that wants to tank/dps M+ and/or wants to raid OT and have the opportunity to step into a MT role would be a great addition.
  • Dps. Melee and ranged. Everyone is still transferring servers so we are seeing where everyone lands with toon changes, etc.
  • Special requests: Boomkin, Ele shaman, WW Monk, DK, Arcane Mage, Demo Lock, Hunter. Enjoying what you’re playing, and being proficient at it, is way more important than the actual class/spec. So anyone interested should definitely inquire!

If you think you might be a good fit, or would like to chat and ask questions/get more info please message me anytime.

My Bnet: Anda#1503
Discord: Anda#0691