[H] Seasoned 417 Ret Paladin LF Hardcore Guild


Hey, 417 (and counting) Ret Paladin here looking to join a serious Heroic/Mythic Progression team. I’ve been playing at various levels since 2007 with top200 US guilds since BC. I’ve achieved AOTC every tier and am able to effectively lead a pug group to AOTC (patience of a saint). I’ve recently caught the hardcore bug again after a long break. I didn’t get too serious during Uldir, I unsubbed ~2 bosses in on Mythic and resubbed mid-May. I prefer a well-prepared, SERIOUS team where everybody picks up their own weight and doesn’t need their hands held. Currently, I’m 3/8H with multiple attempts on Heroic Ashvane - my guild seems to have hit a gearcheck roadblock, however my lack of a week1 fc shouldn’t matter.

A little bit about me - I’m 28, east coast, work in tech, into music/fitness/film, outgoing, friendly, funny, and highly receptive to constructive criticism and feedback. I review logs, I review and theorycraft my class, I’m up to date on strats, mechanics, and game knowledge. I get my +10s done every week, expos, emisarries - everything. As the title says, I’m a 417 Ret Paladin, with level 55 HoA, rank 2 azerite beam. I do not tunnel vision, I use my class’ utility whenever I can without sacrificing damage. I can go more in depth about my experience over voice comm. I can contribute major $$$ to guild bank for resources. Not a problem, whatever is necessary for progression. Got my +11 cache coming through this afternoon. During offnights, I’m more than happy to spam expos, spam >+10s and bs.

I can raid between 6pm-11:30pm EST WEEKDAYS and ANY time weekends + WILLING TO SERVER XFER ON ME. I can link logs ASAP.

I’ll check disord more often than anything -

jhosef#11705 btag
jhosef#3015 discord

I can be available as EARLY as tonight for this week’s clear.


Hello, our guild may meet your availability. <Prime> :horde: [US-Boulderfist] We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9pm-12am EST. Current progression: 5/8H EP, 8/8N EP. Main raiders are required to have 415+ilvl and 55+neck beginning week 3 of raid. If you are interested you can contact me on Discord: Speedymarie#2013, B-net: Speedymarie#11348, or Snapchat: jeshopscotch


Added you on discord, getting a bnet error trying to accept your request