[H] Scumdogs is back in action... sort of!

What’s up guys? Ugnok here. Yes, it’s me. Twice as chill and quadruple as ugly! I know years ago I came across as a giant pain, but while I’ve gotten older and fatter, I’ve also mellowed out a lot! Which brings me to this:

Scumdogs of Azeroth, that ancient guild paying tribute to GWAR since 2005, is recruiting for fun times had by most and mythic+ progression. If we get the people to raid normal, hey, cool beans. If not, no sweat, I’m cool with mythic+! The original Scumdog core is still here (Myself on a multitude of toons, Obsidious/Jak, as well as Onaux) and we are just looking for some like-minded peoples to have fun with us. Right now just rebuilding and everything, but come on in and take a load off!