[H] <Scrub Legion> 8/8H 3/8M recruiting all Tues 9-12/Sun 8-11 EST

We’re a 6 hour semi-hardcore guild that formed at the beginning of Shadowlands with the goal of achieving AOTC every tier and pushing as far as possible into Mythic. The primary goals of Scrub Legion raiding will always be to have a great time and be as efficient as possible with our 6 hours a week.

Through the process of recruiting new members in Shadowlands we were lucky enough to recruit many talented players who are also awesome people. If you enjoy raiding but also enjoy other games/activities on off nights (Pushing M+, League, Overwatch, OSRS, Valorant, TFT, party games) it is likely you will find common interests with members of our guild and growing discord community.
Current Raid Progression:
Vault of the Incarnates: 8/8H 3/8M

Previous Raid Progression:
Castle Nathria: 10/10H, 4/10M
Sanctum of Domination: 10/10H, 4/10M
Sepulcher of the First Ones: 11/11H (no mythic attempts, decided to raid more casually this tier)

Raid Schedule: Tues 9-12/Sun 8-11 EST (accommodating a mixture of east/west coast)

Please reach out if you are interested!
Discord: Williams#5152
Bnet: Goofygoober#1827


A great community. Bump!

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I’m pogging rn

Bumping for vis

Bump bump bump.

Need a hunter? Only played up to 3/10m, castle then guild disbanded and then took a break.

Yeah definitely could use one. Reach out on either bnet or discord if you wanna chat more!

OOo. Will do!

Need 10 more evokers~

Need 10 more ret pallys~

Bumping on a Wednesday~

you still looking for hunters?

Bumpin, need another healer!~

Lookin for a dps or 2 and another healer. If you are an Hpal or a literal healing god please reach out =)~

Looking to recruit a DPS warrior, please reach out!~

Still need dat war~

Big bump for a pog warrior dps :grinning: ~

Recruiting for talented, amazing, super awesome DPS is open!

sent you a request on bnet if your still looking for a warrior

374 ww monk, very interested. Raid times fit perfectly with my schedule.

in-game name: Poundtownrk