[H] <Scripted> Illidan 12/12M Looking for more

Scripted , 12/12M NYA is recruiting tanks and exceptional dps for Mythic Ny’alotha!


  • Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 6-9 CST


  • 12/12 M Nya - 12/12H
  • 8/9 M EP



  • Destro Warlocks (High Priority)
  • Fire Mages (High Priority)
  • Balance Druids (High Priority)


  • Disc Priest
  • Resto Sham

All specs and classes can apply! We consider everyone.

To apply contact an officer

  • Greyson#1168 (Vigel) GM
  • Jinxed#11207 (Jinxed) Officer
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Phunk#3824 interested. also 12/12M. have mage,druid,DH,hunter,shaman all comparable for nzoth farm