[H] Scions of Bacchus seeks more for casual raid force

Greetings Misha-Rexxar!

SoB is currently seeking a few like minded folks to fill out our ranks in Shadowlands. We intend to focus on Mythic dungeons and casually raid.

About us:

  • casual and friendly group of friends playing together for many years
  • focused but casual; we are adults with jobs and aren’t looking for WoW to be a job
  • When we set out minds to something, we achieve it

About you:

  • You are open minded and fun; we are a drama free group
  • You value team work to overcome challenges

Given we are flexible and the raid force is new (we skipped BfA), we are interested in getting the right people, not necessarily the right class. We have not selected a raid schedule yet, but will have a reoccurring weekly raid time. If you are interested, please contact me at Zerole#1909.

Thank you for your consideration.