[H] <Sacred Ground> is recruiting

Guild Name: Sacred Ground

Guild Type: Progression raiding guild… Serious, but not sweaty.

Looking for: Ideally, Resto Shaman, Warlock, or Hunter (we are able to accommodate other classes as well, depending on certain exceptional situations).

Raid Times:
25 man raids Fri & Mon evening 5-9 server (Progression nights)
Wednesdays at 5pm (Past phase temporarily)
Casual Kara and ZA runs.
Occasional shenanigans.

About Us:
Formed just before TBC, we’re slowly growing and attracting other players with a similar vibe.
Good home for people who want to progress but still be able to take the odd night off.
We prefer adults with an irreverent attitude, a great sense of humor and a disdain for drama.

Currently 3/6 this phase. We generally maintain a roster of around ~30 raiders and are consistently able to raid.
New guildies interested in raiding typically find they have fair access to both raid spots and loot thanks to our -DFT fight club- loot list system.

Contact: Message Bets (GM) or Zost (Raid Lead) in-game, or via discord.