[H-RP] Vengeance of Lordaeron

[Vengeance of Lordaeron] is a med RP guild who has an active hand in Horde activities such as exploration, merchanting, experimentation and privateering. All RPers are welcome, regardless of race/class/level. We will be traveling across Azeroth for our own events, as well as attending server events.

You’ll find us active in the evenings (EST) and weekends. We plan to hold regular social events, as well as d20 roll events (simple roll system).

If you RP a soldier, apothecary, adventurer, pirate, merchant, criminal or just a citizen of the Horde, you’re welcome here. TRP or MRP required. Message Kirsy, Destry or Gabrelia in-game for info.

Returning to set up for the pre-LK event.
(no current plans to raid or run heavy content in LK, but you never know…)


Alright, well…looks like we have less Forsaken than I’d thought. Let’s change it up. I’ve made some adjustments to our guild concept. We’re now looking for active RPers of all races/classes/levels. Hit me up in game for info or a ginvite.


“Da way of de knife and determination of de poison fit me best. However, I knew ta go unseen dat one need ta learn from da best.”

“I been helping da Undead Horde in der home from Tirisfal to Hillsbrad. Assisted der kind in priority ta other Horde when i been abroad. My reputation whit dem grows whit the level of my skills. Dey even helped improve my speech in da Orcish tongue.”

“I’ll be watching you from afar now, interested in your actions, considering if i can learn more from joining you.”

(This is my main and I’ve been leveling as exclusively as i can with Forsaken. Haven’t even bought a mount yet because i want skeleton horse only. Kind of been getting back into retail more recently for RP, but I’ll probably be focusing more on WotLK more than Dragonfly stuff. Been interested in a Forsaken centric guild so I’ll look y’all up when i get cool in Northrend. )


Power to the Forsaken!

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Power to the Forsaken indeed my friend! Let no obstacle stand in our way!

Well, maybe let morality stand in the way a little. If only because the living place so much value on morality. We don’t want to be mistaken for the monsters that reside at the roof of the world.

Who cares about the living, honestly? Death to living is what I say

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“I have ta agree wit da living dead girl above. Power ta da Forsaken. Now, if dat be causeing Alliance ta die, din dats just as fine.”

We are up and recruiting this week. Looking for Horde RPers and casual players!

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[VoL] had their first guild RP tonight in Orgrimmar, in the Valley of Strength. We coalesced as a group and made some IC decisions about the direction of the group. We’ll be based out of Tirisfal with some other locales making some guest appearances.