[H-RP] Sons of Varok

Honor, young heroes… no matter how dire the battle… never forsake it. ” - High Overlord Varok Saurfang

IC Info

After the fall of Varok Saurfang outside the gates of Orgrimmar, the whole of the Horde was in mourning. However, as Saurfang said himself, hope cannot be killed. Many brave souls chose to fight in his name, joining together to form the Sons of Varok. While not a formal military group by any means, the Sons serve the Horde nonetheless, with several goals in mind.

  1. Maintaining the honor of the Horde, no matter how dire the battle.
  2. Defending the Horde and eliminating those who may seek to harm it, whether it be internally or externally.
  3. Inspiring those around them to remember Saurfang’s tenants and sacrifice.
  4. Work alongside the Alliance to prevent another Fourth War scenario.

We are the Sons of Varok. We are Honorbound.

OOC Info

The Sons of Varok are a relatively new RP guild dedicated to standing by and fighting for Saurfang’s ideals and tenants in the name of the Horde, as well as cooperating with the Alliance in order to secure lasting peace. It is technically a military RP guild, but not as formal in terms of organization. Think of it as the Horde’s answer to the Alliance’s Sons of Lothar. We lack the subgroups of several military RP guilds, and the rank system isn’t as complex.

Our events consist of patrols, supply runs, D20 events, and more to be planned! In general the guild is mostly intended to be tight-knit and focused on simply wanting to serve and defend the Horde rather than the nitty-gritty army life.


The leader of the Sons of Varok. A title currently held by Hukaga Stormhoof, former leader of the Shield of Mulgore rebel movement.

The Honorbound are the Overlord’s most trusted warriors. Acting as his eyes and ears, they not only enforce his will but also serve to assist and guide the Sons.

Champions are the personal bodyguards and confidants of the Honorbound and Overlord. Each one is allowed one Champion.

Among the most fearsome of the Sons of Varok are the Legionnaires, warriors who stand by Saurfang’s tenants and inspire those around them.

Stone Guard
Those who reach the rank of Stone Guard are among those who guide the lower-ranked within the Sons of Varok in battle.

Grunts are fighters who have proven themselves in battle and are renown for their honor and ferocity.

All new members of the Sons of Varok start as Recruits, and must prove themselves to rise further.

Promotion criteria is still being worked on as of this writing.

If you wish to join the Sons of Varok, feel free to whisper/mail any member of the guild, and they will direct you to an officer or even straight up be an officer by chance! Alternatively, if you wish for a more direct response, feel free to message Krexxal#0843 (Hukaga) on Discord! It’s preferred that you join on a higher-leveled character for ease of transportation for events, but any and all levels are welcome!

The Sons of Varok serves as a safe space for any and all who wish to join. Bigotry, discrimination, harassment, etc. isn’t tolerated whatsoever. The main part of joining a guild is joining for the community. If it’s a toxic community, why bother?

We’re also open to allying and working with other guilds, regardless of faction! It’s always great to form bonds with other guilds on this server. We are also interested in working with an Alliance RP guild for a potential storyline. If you wish to join forces with us and be listed as an Allied Guild, let us know!

PvE and PvP
Of course, World of Warcraft is far from being a roleplaying game alone. The Sons of Varok intend to provide PvE and PvP content for those in the guild, but RP always comes first. Raiding, PvP, Mythic+, and Arenas are something we want to delve into with your help!

Allied Guilds

  • The Skyheart Tribe
  • Warsong Offensive
  • Scarred Blade Clan
  • Hearthfires

Closing Remarks
When I started this guild, I was hoping to fill a niche by providing a military RP guild without the stressful structure behind it. While there are people who prefer the structure, the Sons of Varok are intended to be more open in that regard.

I hope we can provide some great RP for those who join and the server as a whole!


Glad to be a part of the crew! For the Horde! For Saurfang!


Hukaga is an awesome Gm. Look forward to rping with you folks :slight_smile:

Hey, Shield of Mulgore frand. I’m not a guild member, but you can call on me for anything! Just sayin’.

The Horde Intelligence Ministry is another new RP guild that I lead, and we would love to set something up with you! I’ll contact you via in-game letter and see if we can do that?

Of course! I’d love to arrange something once I get on WoW tonight.

Figured I might as well bump this to say that working with the Alliance is one of our main pillars now! We’re looking for an Alliance guild to work alongside because of this too, so please inquire within!

(Also this is Hukaga on an alt because of stupid forum shenanigans)

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I can personally vouch that these guys are awesome. My guild isn’t really sizable, and we’re working with scheduling with our major members, but we’d be down to RP with you guys if you’d have us sometime. :slight_smile:

Massive respect for these guys.


Our guild continues to go strong! We’re meeting with the Hearthfires Alliance guild this Friday, and our first storyline is great so far. I’m really happy we’ve made an impact on this server.


The Hyjal Campaign has come to an end with the help of the Hearthfires! However, our cultist enemies have moved to Northrend and so we prepare to travel there. In the meantime, the Sons continue to bolster their ranks and accept new recruits!

Hukaga is good people.

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When 8.3 drops, the Sons of Varok will be travelling to Northrend to finish off the Twilight cultists there targeting Ulduar! In the meantime however, recruitment continues!


I would love to bring my Vulpera into this! Right now she exists using the Goblin model, but if that’s an issue I will wait until 8.3!

Poking my head in here to say, we are awesome. The events are really fun and interesting, and the members are pretty neat-o!

Great group of folks!

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Hi I haven’t played wow that much since my laptop lost its hard drive, but it is currently getting fixed and when I return I am looking to focus on horde. I am just wondering if you guild welcomes all classes or just those that are more honor based? I ask because I am really interested in your guild and don’t want to reroll as something to possible join it but be told my class isn’t allowed.

All classes accepted! :slight_smile:

Read about this guild a while back. Now I’m finally in! >:D

I am also interested in joining this! On my way to max level but happy to RP anytime!