[H-RP-PvP] The Vol'kar Legion

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New year, new bloodshed.


It may appear that only a whopping 3-6 people view this forum thread, and the guildmaster talks to himself, but I can assure you that isn’t the case.

Today, I bring a special announcement accelerated before an event is placed on the calendar.

With almost 40 years in service to the Horde, and with dozens of campaigns on his record, Vokur of the Stonemaul, Veteran of Northrend and of the Horde, and Warlord of the Vol’kar Legion, has announced his retirement. He plans to put down his axes and instead pick up the plow.

Vokur, who is my best friend IRL, has stuck with me and helped me through some rough times. He has been, and always will be a staple of the guild. While he is only retiring the character and not leaving the game, to see Vokur depart from the ranks will be an astounding tearjerker. He is the very ogre who brought on such hall-of-fame characters like Dolthar Blackfire, Roaknor Bloodfist, and many, many more. The very ogre who led the Vol’kar to victory on several battlefields, both on Azeroth, and on Argus. Without him, there wouldn’t be the Vol’kar you know today. A piece of the guild’s very history will be cemented Monday night.

It will be a semi-public event, and any who wish to come only need to send a message to either myself (Buliss) in game, or Vokur in game. The event will take place on Monday at 5PM server time.

Lok-Tar O’Gar, Champions of the Horde!

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Tonight we say farewell to our beloved Warlord. Hope to see many old faces there!


In attendance of over 50 people, we had both the Blood Forged and select Wolfmane members to give Warlord Vokur a send-off to remember. Four years in the making that got a tear out of everyone - beit laughing or crying.

The man behind Vokur will always be apart of this guild, but it was sad to see the ogre that we so dearly love close this chapter in his book. He will go to live a peaceful life in the mountains of Blade’s Edge, residing as a monk in Ogri’la.

Meanwhile, the Vol’kar prepares for a dangerous future. During this tumultuous time of settling in a new Warlord and small restructuring, new marching orders have been given for the Elven front.

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Wish BFA wasn’t so bad. I miss sparring with you guys. Good luck!

  • Washbourne, [CoL].

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Accidentally liked your post on a character I haven’t played in MoP.

But yeah, I agree. BfA is trashy. We try our hardest to make do and enjoy.


Lots and lots of events coming this week. Almost four of them all with their own plotlines. The writing forges sure are hot here in the middle of winter.

Promotions will be held this week, the first time in almost three months since our ceremony in Dazar’alor. They will be held in the field - on Darkshore. The need to recognize the most deserving of soldiers has reached its peak, and so they shall be!

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It’s been quite awhile since there was an update here.

While morale for the Vol’kar teeters on an edge, great victories have been won on behalf of the Horde! Two Stormwind regiments deployed to help push the Honorbound’s rearguard in Ashenvale were stopped at the pass of Maestra’s Post. A renegade squadron of sentinel commandos, led by the mysterious demon hunter know as “Ataxias” also joined the fray.

Pushed against the wall and with little resources, Overlord Gardraul requested assistance from the only other Horde unit in the area: the Vol’kar Legion. Great casualties were suffered on all sides during the siege of Maestra’s Post, but in the end, the Horde won the day. A triumphant smash through the ranks of the footmen sent the army routing into the woods. It’s easy to send fear through the hearts of men when their officers ride into battle mounted.

Commander Ataxias would not go so easily. He was one of Illidan’s disciples, hardened by the combat against the Burning Legion and trained in the complex art of killing. Stone Guard Ruscion found his throat split and his life nearly taken, Aelsa’s face was broken by the bladeguard of the demon hunter’s glaives, Champion Koman’che found his guts spilling out on the cobblestone, and the rest dealt with the monstrous felsabre he rode into battle.

Despite all this, the bodies piled higher, and Ataxias knew he was finished. The soldiers of the Vol’kar thwarted his escape by plucking him from the sky, and at such a height, Ataxias fell to his death. He bled out on the cobblestone leaving the post.

With Overlord Gardraul dead in the battle as well, Jan-Mak was missing for the aftermath. Prisoners were taken to the respective places, and trophies were gathered. Commander Ataxias’ head was taken as a trophy by Champion Fleetfoot.

Now the Vol’kar seeks to replenish its losses before marching back into the brawl that is Darkshore.

A gruesome but high octane event! Meticulous planning was put into the DnD side emulating a realistic-feeling battle.

Not only that, but the time to recognize deserving soldiers of the Vol’kar has come! Promotions and ceremony shall happen in Darkshore tomorrow at 5PM server time!

(Markahn) #129

And in other news the Kal’Garn of the Second Cohort launched it’s first raids into Kul Tiran territory. We blew up a mine in Drustvar, and we’re just getting started. There’s a lovely Kul Tiran fellow we escorted out of the explosion I’ll be having a chat with.

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Last RBG night of the season and we went 3-1! Got a few people Challenger and new titles as well~ Here’s to more success next season!

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Quite a few things have happened since my last post; including a few faces that don’t normally post on this forum bumping it back to the top!

Following the promotion ceremony, (which I should have kept my list of compiled promotions to give shout outs, a page in Chieftain Karanga’s book that I should take note of!) there were several more missions conducted, including another expedition back to Arathi Highlands, led by newly promoted Senior Sergeant Shaysinn Stormborn. The mysterious “Trollbane’s Fist” was seemingly put to rest on Saturday, with another escalated assault on Sunday allowing the Horde to reclaim Bashal’Aran once more.

An uneasy silence has descended on the Horde High Command - with Jan-Mak receiving nothing more than stagnant, garrisoning orders. Something is on the horizon. An event that he is unable to speak, let alone imagine… hunches are dangerous in that regard. Whatever the case, the storm is nearly here…

Can’t wait for tomorrow, as our Blind Run will commence at 5:30PM server time. We’ll gather up in a big raid group, have a ton of hooting & hollering fun running through the new raid. Whatever we don’t finish on Tuesday will be finished on Saturday. That’ll give us a good scope of where our raid team’s strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as giving our dungeon-masters and event-makers plenty of ideas for our evolving storyline!

The violence has escalated!


4/9 N on the first day of the raid being out. Hooah!

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We’re not dead!

Just close to it.

Stormwall Blockade is a very hard boss. Even on Normal. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t freakin’ kill it. So we’re back to farming gear. I don’t foresee any problems in the future afterwards. Nor do I see any problems with getting AoTC this tier. Pretty excited to get back into raiding.

This week is going to be a quiet week for us. As storylines develop further and the Vol’kar struggles to come to grips with another devastating loss - the death of King Rastakhan, the Alliance only seeks to bear down harder, faster, exploiting everything that they can.

Things will only intensify from Tuesday on out. That seems to be the theme with BfA - a wild dumpster fire that you just can’t fling yourself off of or look away.

Lok-Tar O’Gar!


The following text is a report given to the troops at approximately 1/30/39 L.C. (1/30/2019) following the disaster that struck Dazar’Alor.

Wherever any of the soldiers may be, abroad in Drustvar or patrolling in Vol’dun, or even just another body in Darkshore, a regiment-wide memo would grace them. Penned by Quartermaster F.P.'s signature, just above the troll palm that was dotted from the High Warlord.







In our deployment to Darkshore, laying claim to the lands in the name of the Dark Lady, the Alliance has laid siege to Dazar’alor. They have struck hard and fast, leaving a response impossible from the Horde army.

The Honorbound has been sent in pursuit of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th Legions, as well as the Kul Tiran fleet. They fight a losing battle, but one that will prolong the recovery of the city.

The Blood War nears a frightening conclusion. All units above 75% efficiency are being recalled to Zandalar.

Immediate, rapid redeployment will be conducted over the course of the next 72 hours. Report to your superiors and Sergeants immediately.

Lok-Tar O’Gar.

War never changes, nor does it stop for any moment. Bloodshed intensified over the holidays, coming to a climactic explosion for the Siege of Dazar’Alor. While the Vol’kar struck as a unit within Darkshore, the rest of the Honorbound army contended to the best of their ability within Zuldazar.

There is no victory without defeat, and no army has ever won a war without spilling blood. Thursday, General Dolthar Blackfire held a demonstration for the felusers of the Second Cohort, empowering their abilities in preparation for the redeployment.

Friday, Warlord Auhgag Stormfury landed upon the shores of Tanaris to assist War-God Jo’kundo in defeating the last remnants of the Zanchuli cult. Although the call to arms could not be ignored, Auhgag preferred to deal with the heretics there and now- lest they hamstring us later while our backs are turned.

Without the powers of G’Huun, the cultists were revealed to be in accordance with deserters of the Farraki tribe on the outskirts of Zul’Farrak. With their twisted magics and perverse rituals, they aimed to target another all-powerful God that accepted Blood as tribute. Hakkar.

With many soldiers of the detachment being veterans of the Horde, they were no greenhorns to ritualistic blood magic. A swift and clean blow was struck, severing the head from the cult, permanently. Only time will tell if any residuum of cultists survived, but for now, the Vol’kar turns its attention to Zandalar.

The Horde now sits on the precipe of defeat. Morale is weary, if not close to shattering. Our strength diminishes, and the bleak outlook of a Horde permanently kept in chains is a chilling reality that none wish to see.

Now we must drive the remnants of the Kul Tiran fleet, in addition to the Grand Alliance Army from Zuldazar and repair what we may of Dazar’Alor. We will give them no new ground. We will not take another step back. Push forward, and if we must, we shall honor the blood oath.

Lok-narash gal’gash, Vol’kar!

Oh, and we’re raiding - that’s pretty neat. We complete a full clear tonight and may kill a few heroic bosses. We’re already on a RBG streak too, but haven’t had the time to do both nights! Regular schedule concludes next week.

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Good to see you guys are still around and prospering. I’d definitely app if I had more time for rp when I’m on.Best of luck as BfA progresses.

(Buliss) #136

Thanks Nakhu. Glad to see you’re still around. BfA has taken a lot of veterans from us. Hope you’re still taking plenty of skulls!


Hi folks, I am currently leveling a Laughing Skull hunter named Rotgash ( well, it’s a nickname really ) and thought I would not RP on him at all, but I find that I am having more fun than my main with him in BFA just doing old content, so I would like for him to be my main, and thus be a RP character.

I suppose we roleplay his integration in the guild, but let me know how you want to do it. I suppose it is not really difficult hearing from the legion while spending time in Orgrimmar :slight_smile:


((This is actually the character referred in the post above ))

(Buliss) #139

Hey Rotgash,

We have a very straightforward application process.

We’re all adults, so we know how pretentious it is to make someone apply through a website for a role-play guild. We do nothing but have fun here; it’s not a second/third job.

You have three strategies:

either head to Orgrimmar and keep an eye out for one of our recruiters,

or send an in-game mail to one of the officers (or myself!) in character. A short introduction and explanation as to why your toon wants to join.

The third is the easiest. You can simply whisper anyone in-game above the rank of Sergeant about wanting to join. They’ll either help you join or refer you to a higher ranking officer.

As our big event is today, you might be hard pressed to getting a speedy IC interview - so I suggest sending a letter! Hope this helps.


Busy busy buzz buzz.

Last Saturday, we downed Jaina and the Vol’kar is sitting pretty at a nice 9/9 Normal. This Saturday, we’ll begin our split progression. First few bosses on Heroic, then back to Normal. With our renewed interest in raiding on several fronts, we are seriously considering some Mythic comps. That’ll be great to get into. The hardest part will be to just get 20 permanent members, lol.

Monday’s event, “Not One Step Back” lasted quite a long time with quite a few members. (4 hours, 22 members). A semi-timewalking event where the Vol’kar took place in the last remaining hours of the Siege of Dazar’Alor. The 3rd Legion of the Grand Alliance was soundly defeated, with the Dark Iron “Crusaders” routed from looting and pillaging the Zocalo.

Unfortunately, even as it was a scavenged victory from a rough defeat, the Vol’kar did not go without tremendous loss itself.

But alas, we dwell too much on what we lose, and not enough on what we gain. Even as the families of the Zandalari and Volundai alike reel from the pain inflicted upon them, they feel the harsh sting of the lesson which the Alliance has taught them. The cowardice in their tactics, the lack of honor in which they strike.

Not to mince words, as there is no philosophy to be learned at this point in the Blood War - the Alliance is but a dying, cowed animal. Desperate in its attacks, reeling and lunging at every opportunity. The life fades from their eyes hour by hour, their claws have dulled, their fangs have broken.

Do not forget our words: Lok-Tar O’Gar. Victory, or death.