[H-RP-PvP] The Hollowbreaker Coliseum III

The northern winds blow colder as a familiar threat rises once again in the frozen rim of the world. Fractures in the veil between life and death herald the dawn of a blood-orange sky, a gaping maw that threatens to consume everything we hold dear. Preparing to cut a swath of destruction through our lands, the harbingers of decay will soon be upon us.

And what better way to sharpen our blades and wits in preparation for their arrival than beating the hell out of each other in glorious combat?

The Argent Crusade has graciously allowed us to utilize their tournament grounds in order to temper ourselves for the coming battles. Despite the looming dangers in the land of Icecrown, non-combatants are also encouraged to join! Medics, spectators, a peanut gallery of biased individuals to cheer their guildmates and jeer the opposition. Seriously, let’s hear some NOISE.

(And if the Argent Tournament Grounds turn out to be too laggy given the prepatch busyness, we’ll probably hop over to a nice flat area in the Storm Peaks)

Hosted by people who love RP-PvP a whole awful lot.

:o: WHOM : Wyrmrest Accord Horde [Only WrA characters will be permitted to participate, sorry ED.]
:o: WHAT : Dueling Tournament
:o: WHEN : October 30th, 5:30 PM Server
:o: WHERE : Trial of the Crusader [Uninstanced]
:o: WHY : Because nothing’s more refreshing than good, clean, corruptionless dueling.

Warmode: Off

:o: How It Will Work : Combatants will be randomly assigned to one another, they will go forth when directed and fulfill their match. Winner moves onward to the next round.

:o: Technical Difficulties : We all understand sometimes things happen and you disconnect or perhaps you were AFK when your name was called and need a moment. Combatants will be given a [X] minute grace period where if they do not return within the time provided - they will be forfeited from their match and their opponent will move forward.

:o: Medics will have an area designated where those that wish - are able to receive aide and mending.

:o: Combatants are to sign up in #combatants-sign-up before the event. There may be a short period of time given for last-minute sign ups on the day of the event.

:o: Spectors are NOT to interfere with the duels as they go on. They are to watch, cheer, boo - the combatants as they fight - any interference will result in being removed from the event.

:o: Hosts are here to answer any and all questions, they are Hosts for a reason and will also act as moderators for this discord up until the day of the event.

:o: Cheating will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament and a ban from any future ones that are set up by either of the Host groups. Rules on this are in the discord for combatants.

Prizes are as follows:

FIRST PRIZE: 50K Gold, 1 free art commission, and an IC ‘Champion of the Hollowbreaker Coliseum’ title.
THIRD PRIZE: A pat on the back and a firm handshake.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, go ahead and post them in this thread! You may also contact Baerrok, Karlokk, Zulric, or Nessah in-game

Make sure to join our discord as well!




Let the games BEGIN.


Prize winnings are always subject to change, as well – last time we held this, the winner took home nearly 100k due to donations coming in from spectators during the matches. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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Another welcome return! Hopefully the prepatch doesn’t come too late. I’m not sure how I could bring the Vol’kar with the scourge invasion prevalent. But, RP-PvP always finds a way. :stuck_out_tongue:


For those of you concerned about whether their guild will be able to feasibly ICly access the tournament during the prepatch, fear not! It’ll be occurring in Icecrown with the current story very much in mind, with the tournament adjacent to the narrative itself.


Also, just to clarify, you need not be a PvPer to attend. If you have a friend that is into it, you’re ENCOURAGED to come as well and cheer them on!

See you all at the Coliseum.

Do you have a solid date and start time for this now that the prepatch is out?

Yup! We’re looking at a (mostly confirmed) date of October 30th 5:30 server which we’ve decided after some deliberation. The 31th is free of events, but it unfortunately falls directly on Halloween night. Which would make for a spooky tournament, but unfortunately it’s not something we’d like to compete with!

Additionally, I’ve peer pressured Zulric into adding a FREE PIECE OF ART for your character, if you happen to be victorious at the tournament.

All you have to do to obtain it, is destroy anyone in your way. Easy, right?

Good luck to all.

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In response to this horrible peer pressuring from my co-host who I THOUGHT I could trust, I have counter pressured him into donating his own gold to the prize pool to effectively double it.

Because what happens when coal gets put under intense pressure?

That’s right folks, it turns into a 50,000 gold grand prize! Make sure to sign up in our Discord if you’d like a chance at it!