[H-RP-PVE-PVP] <The Stormtalon Tribe> is recruiting

The Stormtalon Tribe has officially joined The Horde Vanguard! Welcome Tauren brothers and sisters to the next chapter of your Tribes journey! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :cow: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Welcome Stormtalon Tribe into the ranks of the Horde Vanguard! The addition of this new guild 6th Horde faction loyal rp guild that has joined the ranks of the Horde Vanguard, with the ceremony having well over a raid of Horde Faction loyal rp characters in attendance! Welcome to the Horde Vanguard!


The pasture grows! This means more room for more moos!

Bring your own cowbells!

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The Tribe learned of a beast that proved a danger to the Braves that protected the area, posing a danger to all who travel there. Under orders from their Chieftain, the Tribe sent a hunting party with the aid of a Druid from the Cenarion Circle to find this threat and deal with it.

A venture into cold mountains, to face down a threat unknown to them. They found a cave holding not only the beast but a wish from the Earthmother. The cave housing a nurturing beast turned vile ferocious monster through fel. As the threat was dealt with, but the underlying cause still remains. What does this mean for the Tribe?

Only the Earthmother knows.

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Little bit of necromancy to ask if you guys are recruiting currently? You seem like a neat bunch!

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Absolutely! Feel free to reach out to Kohatan (lord moo, on Discord) or Noru (wessley, on Discord). And they can help you out.

Oh my goodness, my apologies with the new season and the lull I did not do my duty to check here. You can reach out to me on discord at lord_moo or in game as Kohatan. I would be glad to talk with you about joining!

A little bump here to remind everyone we are still going strong. A merry Winter Veil to the forums. A merry Christmas to players, and may we see you all in the game.

Keep your ears out for coming community events hosted by us!

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A new year, a new couple of faces and some growing ranks! I want to post here that starting tomorrow we are going our first official week long Story campaign as a guild!

I am excited! As well some future events starting in Feburary as we host our first Story Circle on the second Monday of the month!

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