[H] RP Guild Faire! March 23rd 7:00pm


Greetings fellow members of the Horde! On March 23rd at 7:00pm realm time, we will be having a Guild Faire for the guild-less! Come one, Come all! As the members who are seeking a guild arrive to speak with us, tell your tales of your guild and give a little in-character background for newcomers and invite them into your ranks.

Who are invited:
All Horde RP guilds and those looking for a home for themselves and their alts. Also, anyone who would like to see how RP works and have been intrigued by it.

Warmode on or off?
Warmode will be off. We would like to ask the Alliance guilds to please allow this event to be wpvp-free.

The Royal Exchange in Silvermoon City. We will line up on either side of the road. Arrive early to stake your claim as your spot for your guild. Drop your banners down around where you’ll be standing but keep the street clear.

This event will last until 10pm realm time.

This is a time for all of us to come together as a horde RP community on Wyrmrest Accord and RP with one another in giant mass while we recruit to gain numbers and introduce others into role-playing.

Once the guild faire is over, feel free to approach other guilds and speak with them. The friendships we make with those guilds that day will determine our next event which may be a WPVP event.

Please advertise for this in trade chat and to your friends! Thank you! =)

[H] Guild Faire!
(Noslferatu) #2

Try to get Strawmen there.


Hopefully we will see you there, friend!

(Capteya) #4

Tonight, when Silvermoon is not so bright.


Agreed. It will be great to see you there, friend!