💰[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises is Hiring!

This guild single handedly made me enjoy playing wow again. If you’re feeling listless, want some great RP and a good group of people to chat at, this is your place.


Ha! You call that breaking my spine?! You prissy elves wouldn’t know how to break a spine if -



It was a good week at Firebrand. Although last night’s internet hiccups caused us to postpone a story scene, one of our officers stepped up and offered roleplay later in the evening for those who wanted to write.

Posted an update regarding the week’s scheduled activities! If you don’t know what’s going down, you can’t blame me!

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Updated the 2nd post in this thread with a link to a testimonial Tamani posted in another subject.

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I don’t know how I let things get way from me, but here’s a bump! The weekend’s a coming people!

Before joining Firebrand, I had settled on giving up on RP guilds as a whole–the ones I joined almost always descended into cliques, OOC drama, and usually didn’t last a month or two. But FE is just so smoothly and maturely run that it completely changed my mind (and frankly spoiled me to any other content in this game other than RPing)!

The biggest draw, to me, is the structure: any member can create any event they want (so long as it fits on the calendar), and any event open to everyone on the calendar means anyone can go. Period. This openness gives every member a voice in the guild story as well as their own personal stories, and it also means that our calendar is FULL. I can’t count how many guilds I’ve joined who only host one or two events a week, and both at times I can’t attend. Firebrand doesn’t have that problem.

With FE’s structure, if I find myself swamped with real life things (understood well by most members, seeing as the majority of FE are Adults with Adult Schedules), I can just host one or two events a month that can fit into my schedule. When I became an officer, I realized I couldn’t attend most officer meetings, so V, our GM, was gracious enough to schedule separate meetings with me instead.

Overall, I’d say FE is host to not only some interesting characters and engaging storylines, but also a team of like-minded, mature adults who know that at the end of they day, they just want to put on their robe and wizard hat and have a good time.


Our guild leader is eating peanut butter muffins.

Maybe if you join Firebrand, you can have peanut butter muffins too. Or maybe blueberry. Or chocolate. You could have ANY kind of muffin, really. The muffin possibilities are theoretically endless.


Hi there!

I just have some questions for the guild, if this is the wrong place to ask, feel free to remove this.

  1. What time is your guild generally active?

  2. Do you have players from OCE?

I ask this cause your guild sounds like something I’d definitely like to join.


Asking here is fine. We have people online as early as 8am server until midnight but most of our activities during the week as a guild are 6 or later. You can find our May calendar on the front page of http:// firebrandenterprises.wikidot. com/ (remove the spaces to use the link)

As for your second question, I don’t even know what an OCE is so I can’t answer that one, sorry lol

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I also have a question:

I’m thinking of applying with my Shal’dorei hunter, who is going to be my main. I checked out your app and saw that guild meetings are held Sundays. Because I’m super, super busy IRL (have a special needs kiddo, writing career, family stuff), weekends are usually not a good time for me to commit to anything. Sometimes I may be able to make it, others not so much. I play more during weekday evenings when things are quiet around here.

Would that be a no-go if I can’t necessarily make guild meetings on a regular basis?


We require that you attend one guild sponsored event a month of any kind (although we like it if at least one of those is roleplay, if it’s a busy month it doesn’t have to be) so you’d be fine. It doesn’t have to be the guild meeting.

Our guild meetings include a format:

  1. I give any ooc announcements I have for the month.
  2. I call on everyone else to do the same.
  3. My character gives ic announcements.
  4. She calls on everyone else to do the same.

And then, often the next week, I post the ooc announcements in Discord for those who couldn’t make it.


Haha, I meant is anyone from the oceanic region (Australia, NZ etc).

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Not that I’m aware of, no. We do have some people who play later at night (after 9pm server) but most of us are in the United States.

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Thread bump!

If you’re new to the thread, then information about the guild is in the first post. Right below it is a weekly updated post explaining all our scheduled events for the next few days!

No problem, thanks. I’ve got an interview lined up with Tamanll regardless :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

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I hate everything except this guild. Drama free, I only got stabbed twice so far. 14/10, absolutely recommended.


This guild is the only one that hasn’t required me to beat up 17 ogres or kill one of their members to take their spot!

AMAZING Staff and both GM’s only scare me a tiny bit!

1000/10, Would suggest joining!.


Kotala bought a ludicrously expensive guitar at a charity auction for orphan kids and was encouraged by her guildmates to beat someone with it.

10/10 would join again