[H] [RP] Event April 18th 730 Server

The Masque of the Red Death

[H]RP Costume Ball At Ravenholdt Manor
April 18th 730pm Server Time

The red sun approaches with the coming of Spring. War bands grow restless, as the aristocracy increases in their boredom.

The Sisters of Sylvanas cordially invite you to partake in an evening filled with Spirits, dance, games of contest, and blood letting.

  • Costume contest at 8 Server - winner takes home a purse of 25 gold and named server best dressed.

  • Door prizes for attendees via ticket number,
    (Keep your ticket)

  • Gladiatorial contest by level bracket. Champion in each bracket will be awarded prizes as well as a gold reward.

  • 1-10 bracket Starting @ 830 server and subsequent level brackets to follow.

Attendee Rules

  • Keep all role play in /s and In character as much as possible. For OOC communication please use the designated Channel (/join Ravenholdt)

  • All player run vendors and servers are in character and gratuity is greatly appreciated.
    Items traded will be done freely.

*The Blood Letting pvp event will be bracket level based.
1-10, 11-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60. If one bracket wishes to attempt a bout outside of their level range, that is acceptable. (An entry fee of one gold, two copper is required for this event) Each contestant will be given a simple common level item of choice for weaponry and armour.

No other items are to be equipped during the bout. All abilities are permitted, however consumable items are not.

The following actions will result in a immediate disqualification;

  • Equipping non sanctioned items;

  • The use of any abilities or buffs not class based by the contestants within the ring. Third party buffing, and consumables (food, pots, bandages).

These rules are set out to level the playing field as much as possible and encourage the spirit of true gladiatorial combat.


I’ve added this to the RP event calendar and will be sure to post it the week it’s held!


This sounds awesome!

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This is on a raid night for me, so unfortunately I can’t come

The 18th next month is a Saturday, though. I don’t think we have raids on the weekends, the last I checked.

oh, is it? nice

Hello all!

We are still taking sign ups, so feel free to head on over to the Sisters of Sylvanas Discord server!

To sign up, just register your name in the PvP level bracket of your choice and voila - we will see you on the day. Best of luck to all our fighters and costume competition contenders!

Please change your Server Nickname to your ingame name so we know who you are! Can’t wait to see you all there!

Sisters of Sylvanas Discord Server

Need more volunteers to fight! Tan bring de heals and band-aids for de boo-boos. And menu is Tan approved, jes.