[H] Rogue looking for guild

Looking to join a friendly guild that pushes content im looking to push harder for shadowlands will to xfer to the right fit of guild if you have anymore questions let me know !

We are a new guild of long term raiders and friends Looking to fill out our roster for shadowlands and beyond. We are currently Looking for Like minded raiders that are willing to push good content while in a relaxed setting. Raid leaders / Officers have gained multiple times in the past AOTC and some mythic content. The end goal with raiding is currently AOTC with mythic asperations. We are also a social guild planning to do old content runs, mount farming and high keys on non-raid nights.
Planned raid times - Wed/Fri 8-11PM Server (9-12PM EST)
Please contact via bnet, or discord below.
(Officer)Robowizard#11285 or Discord exothermic#8002. (GM)Zulburn#1912 or Discord Lando#8568

Not a ton of info given, so we might be a good fit? Please take a look at our copypasta and see what you think. See you in discord!

Guild Name: Army of Darkness
Faction: Horde
Gaming Style: PvE (Focus on M+ and Heroic Raiding, no plans for mythic currently!)
Raiding Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Raiding Times: 8-11 PM Server Time (6-9 PST, 9-12 EST, 2-5 UTC)

About us:
We’re a laid back group of gamers who’ve been around the WoW scene for awhile. We’ve done Mythic in the past but haven’t got the time to invest in that now as we have full time jobs, families, etc. We still want to do the content though and enjoy ourselves, so that means Heroic raiding and Mythic Plus! We dabble in other content as well, such as Arena/BGs, but this is not a primary focus.

If you want to get into a good group that can be laid back and fun, then we’d be glad to have you. Jump in our discord or send me a friend request and we’ll see if you’d be a good fit!

Contact: Aridhol#4421 on Discord or Aridhol#1811 on Battle.net
Discord Server code: bPMT7rF

Hello Shadowyblade,

The Order on realms Altar of Storms, Ysondra, Magtheridon, and Anatheron, is recruiting new members interested in heroic and mythic for Shadowlands. We run two to three raiding teams, so their are plenty of spots opened and opportunities for growth. Our aim for all teams to progress as far as they can in heroic and mythic raiding, and have fun (sometimes stressful fun) while doing it.

Raid times : Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM to 11PM server time.

If you join us, you will be in experience hands. We welcome the more season raiders and those who are new to raiding. Regardless of your level of experience, we help out the best we can. In addition, we also push keystones and are active in other games.

Feel free to message here or Igasho:
or message us in Guilded (Discord alternative we fully support):

_ Guild & Server: PKGO : : Kil’Jaeden
Raid Times/Days: Tues/Thus
8PM- 10PM PST Current Progression: AOTC All BFA raid tiers.
Recruitment Contacts: BTAG: Nea#1520 Discord: Nea#2338 Requirements: We just require a little patience and a good attitude. AOTC is always accomplished, just at our own pace.
Needs: We are currently looking DPS ranged and melee.

Lets talk friendly.