[H] Rising Sun needs a few people

We’ve lost 3 of our core due to anti-rng hate and we’re down to 6.

Because of our real life schedules, we’re currently raiding every other week and need a healer and 3 DPS.

If you’re new to the game, looking for a safe group to learn and wipe with, and don’t want excessive pressure to constantly push mythics, then we’d love to have you.

Please message Grahams or Venjin if you’re interested. We honestly don’t care about your class or spec, we just want some people to have fun with.

We’re most active from 8pm to 10pm server times, with activity fluctuating on weekends. We have scheduled weekly pvp nights (where our object is mostly to troll people), a discord server, and again, we’re just looking for people who want to have some good fun.

Oh, we’re also buried in the guild finder tool if you want to use that. Under the mountains of inactive guilds :persevere:


And now we’re down to 2, the last of our RL friends unsubbed.

sigh time to start from scratch.