[H] <Revelry> Are you looking for something a little different? https://revelry-ysera.com/

Are you a newer player, returning player, or one who simply values having fun among friends in-game? Are you a social player who wishes to strive for AOTC progression in a supportive environment? If so, Revelry may be for you. With scheduled Mythic+ groups throughout the week and a Saturday night raid, we offer all interested the opportunity to participate in friendly progression activities while maintaining an inclusive and helpful environment that allows each member to enjoy game content.

We have active members at most times, with peak activity during the evening hours and on weekends. We raid at 7:30 pm (eastern) on Saturdays with the goal of progression while welcoming all interested, capable, and prepared members.

If something in this message appeals to you and you would like to learn more, visit our website.