[H] Returning Player Seeking Late Night Raiding Guild

Hi there! Gonna keep this fairly brief here. Basically I’m coming back from a long hiatus after not being able to raid due to IRL stuff. However I now have a new job and new schedule! My availability is pretty much every day from 12AM EST-7ish AM EST. I am off Friday Saturday as well but would still like to stick to those times as it would still let me do stuff before raid.

As far as experience goes I really didn’t start raiding until HFC in WoD and got AoTC there and every raid tier in Legion. Stopped playing in BfA (my old guild carried me through AoTC nzoth for the mount). played again in Shadowlands and stopped short of killing Sire for AoTC but my guild at the time cleared it the week after I stopped as far as I know.

What I’m really looking for is a chill group of people that are down to just have fun and enjoy the time we have before Dragonflight. While I used to be interested in hardcore progression I’m more at a point now where I just want to hang out with a fun guild and make some progress. AoTC Sepulcher is my end goal and we have a while to do that but I also don’t want my time wasted. Having fun is awesome and the main thing I’m here for but I also don’t want to spend hours wiping on the same boss because people aren’t taking it seriously.

I feel like that makes me sound kind of picky but I promise I am super laid back haha. I currently only have a rogue at 237 but have a 51 DH and am levelling a guardian druid. Also not adverse to faction changing my shaman. Don’t mind what I play like I said just looking for a good fit personality wise and I can bend to whatever you guys need. Have experience as all 3 roles in a raiding environment.

I have logs if needed from CN heroic prog they are nearly all 80% or higher on resto shaman.

Anyway that’s my spiel! Can reach out to me on discord (Primordial King Spippey#1111) or Bnet (Spippeyftw#11504)