[H] Returning Player Looking For Guild For 8.3


NO alliance, PVP, or RP. No interest in mythic raiding.

Looking for a Horde Guild, as I plan on making a Vulpera Warrior (fury) for 8.3.

I recently came back to to WoW after about a year away. Currently working on getting Rustbolt and the fish people to exalted. Will be exalted rep 96 and 97.

Right now I’m just looking for a guild that would let me join as a casual on my druid, then would let me do some normal/ heroic raiding, once 8.3 releases.

About me, have raided off and on since LK, but have been playing off and on since WoW went live. I have exp raiding as DPS and tanking. Though I have not raided in BFA, due to an injury that required surgery, I was able to tank a full heroic clear in Legion.

What I’m looking for:

I’m looking for an active guild that raids in EST 6-9 or 7-10 time frame or will be for 8.3. Not looking for anything later. Mid day raids would work as well, as I’m retired. Normal and heroic raiding only. Would like a guild that does keys and other activities on off nights and not just on for raids.

What I bring to the table:

I know the classes I play. I’m not an expert, but fairly competent with them. I show up early for raids and with the required items. Food, pots, etc… If I see I’m lacking in certain areas, I do the research to do my best to improve where needed. Very stable high speed internet and a reliable higher end computer.

If you have any questions, fell free to post here or message me @ Stitches74#1748


I think you would be great for my new guild except one issue, We raid Tues. Thursday 8-11 est starting in Shadowlands

Here is my ad in the event that one hour is not a deal breaker

Welcome to Sin City Mafia, I am the GM my main toon’s name is Vindictive. I am a Blood Elf Warrior who mains in protection spec. I am 42 years old and have been playing the game since launch. Sin City Mafia was created when I first started running guilds playing everquest 2. I have run two successful communities in this game over the 15 years that were both successful when it came to forming a friendly community and raiding through a heroic level and dabbling in mythic. Real life circumstances lead me to having to give those communities away. One thing I have learned over the years is that at this time in my gaming life I am really looking for only a few things. People who can hang out in a mature setting and get to know people without any childish behavior. Arguing over things like who is the better player, religion, politics is not for me and is not something that will be part of Sin City Mafia. Like most people I have a full time job, a marriage, and other responsibilities outside of the game. So if you are looking to be a part of this community all we ask is you treat everyone with respect and have a mature attitude. If you are like me and tired of the elitist, childish, and immature behavior you see in a lot of guilds out their today you have come to the right place. A place to relax and just make some friends who enjoy the game. As we grow we will have guild events, in shadowlands we will hit the ground running with a raid team that will be competitive on a heroic level and if successful will attempt Mythic. We will be active in all aspects of the game and as we grow and have the numbers we will continue to progress. You can be successful in this game without having to deal with drama. So I welcome all of you and hope you will help build this from the ground up with a long term goal in mind. We are looking for all ranks. Officers, Raid Leaders to assist me with the raids. People who just like to hang out.

If you are interested in growing with us and are not afraid to grow something from member number 1 up please hit me up on battlenet