[H] Returning Player Looking for a Casual PvE/RP Guild

Hello Adventurers!

I’m returning to the game after a long break. I’ve been a long time player, having started in Vanilla, and raided seriously up until WotLK, and then moving on to a less serious schedule in Cata before taking a break until now (with the odd visit here and there to see the new classes/content)

Now that I’m all caught up on BfA, and have unlocked the allied races I’m interested in, I’m looking to find a guild to call home with some like minded people to group up with.

I’m interested in casual mythic dungeons (haven’t touched one yet) and weekly normal raids so that I can see the content. I’m also interested in light-RP but my schedule doesn’t really allow me the time required for deeper and more drawn out roleplay stories.

If a laid back, light hearted player just looking for some friends to call mine sounds like something your guild is interested in, give me a shout!



I am looking for the exact same thing, so please let me know if you have any luck finding one! And anybody coming here to offer a guild know that I’m interested too

Hello you two!

Is where you’ll most likely find your answer. Unfortunately, “casual” PvE/RP is niche, and casual means something a little differently to everyone.

For Horde-side, I’d check out first - then maybe ? Both are more focused towards a very balanced meal of PvE and RP. I’m unsure if Horde Brothers does any type of DnD/rolling stuff. I could be wrong.

Welcome back and hope you enjoy your trip!

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May I present for your consideration, one Firebrand Enterprises. We’re definitely on the casual side of PvE, with much of our focus being on RP. Even then, we do a fair amount of social/character/business RP as well. It’s not all intricately plotted action/adventure all the time.