[H] Returning player LF chill raid group

Returning player after a long break and am looking to get into normal and heroic raiding again (as well as some chill mythic+, no super high keys tho). I have previous experience with mythic Castle Nathria healing (11/12 bosses cleared as resto shaman) but want a more chill scene this time around.

Days I am avaailable are Friday and Saturday, anytime after 12PM PST. I would love to raid both days if possible.

I’m open to picking between a few different healers. Those being preservation evoker, dist priest, resto druid, or mw monk, depending on what the guild would need.

Ranking healers from most interested to least would be:

  1. Preservation Evoker (current character, at 426ilvl and climbing)
  2. Disc Priest
  3. MW Monk
  4. Resto Druid

Currently on Shadowsong server with most of my characters on horde, but open to other servers as well. I plan to pre-purchase The War Within expansion, meaning I will have a level boost at the ready and can get up to at least 430 ilvl fairly quickly.

Discord is: pandaman1991
Bnet: Pandamonium#12182

Looking forward to hearing from some awesome chill people :smiley: