(H) Returning Player LF a Home

Hi there,

I’ve returned to the game in anticipation for Shadowlands and I’m currently looking for a place to call home. I dabble in a little bit of everything content wise but I want to start progressing through the current raid tier. I’m a very quick learner and am committed to it. Currently gearing up and grinding essences on my 465 resto druid and 459 fire mage. Please feel free to contact me in game, Milkhub#1535

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Greetings! Virtually Impossible is an established late night guild that has been raiding together for over three expansions now. We focus on an adult friendly, socially active attitude that raids twice a week with an emphasis on clearing AOTC and Casual/Hardcore Mythic progression every content. We pride ourselves on community and that aspect has given us great success!

Need to know:
Returning players welcome!
Casual/Hardcore raid environment focusing on Heroic & Mythic Progression.
Raid Days/Times:
Progression Raid - Tues & Wed 12-3am EST
Sunday Funday Alt Run - Sun 12-3am EST
Current progression: 12/12H, 4/12M
Raid Needs: 1 Tank & any exceptional DPS.

If this sounds like a potential match please reach out to one of our officers:
Aradne#11285(RealID) or Aradne#5473(Discord)
Geminai#1265(RealID) or Geminai#6458(Discord)
Senpaimage#1639(RealID) or Senpaimage#3668(Discord)

Hey there! Our guild Participation Trophy is currently recruiting to fill a mythic roster in Shadowlands. We Raid Tuesday/Thursday at 10pm - 1am EST. If you’re interested you can add me on Discord or Btag.

My Discord username - OrangeChrome#1076
My BattleTag - OrangeChrome#1396

Reach me on discord if you are interested Wox#6284

Hi Driphub -

Please take a look at our recruitment post link below to see if we are the right fit for your new home. If you have any questions, message me in game Grimmy#1990