[H] Returning Mythic Raider LF Guild

Class/Spec: 180 DH (Any spec), 183 Rogue (Any spec), 183 Druid (Any spec)
Faction: HORDE
Cleared: 7/8M Uldir
Discord: Dirty#9802

Experience: I used to Mythic raid during Antorus (Got to kin’gorath) and Uldir (7/8m). During Uldir I was the raid leader and GM so I understand how to research and properly prepare for a fight so I will not be a detriment to the team. Unfortunately I took more hours at work and had to take a break so I couldn’t push for CE with my guild.

Availability: Any day past 11:00PM EST. I am looking for a guild that is trying/going to get CE this xpac. My main goal in wow is to keep playing and grinding until I am good enough to get CE. I am willing to play any class/spec listed above although DH is def my favourite. Also have every class at 50 ready to level if a spec/class is performing really well. I’m also very active in m+. Totally willing to xfer.