[H] Returning Hpally looking for HC guild

Hello there, my name is Vynlann or Vinlann.

First about what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a heroic focused guild, who might dabble with mythic, but is just a laid back group of friends that raids a couple nights a week, has no hard requirements about how you play, but still expects you to play within good performing reason. Every guild is gonna have the low performers and star performers, I’m looking for a guild that’s okay with both, as that shows they’re laid back. I consider myself a hardcore mentality player, but within reason.

My availability is fairly open in the evenings, I am home by 8pm EST on most days, but depending on work needs I may come home about 30-45 min afterwards. I do have a child and wife, but they’re understanding as they’re fellow gamers.

I play when I want, but of course will be on when it’s time to raid. Raid when it’s raid time, but some weeks I’ll play only WoW, where some I’ll play just for raid and other necessary requirements (ex. m+10 weekly).

I’m returning to BFA after taking some time off between late march and a couple weeks ago. I’ve been playing holy paladin for most of my wow playtime since 2005. Starting in burning crusade as holy, but switched to mistweaver for MoP/WoD. Switching back to Paladin during legion (prot for the first half, Holy for the second half). I’ve had a class identity crisis during BFA as nothing felt super fun, but all in all my paladin is my main bud, where I have most work put into.

That will explain why my paladin looks like it’s behind, or has some odd stats on it’s page as I tried balance druid, ele shaman, and mistweaver, nothing felt right. I don’t terribly prefer the glimmer build, but I understand it’s very powerful. If necessary I will play it, but otherwise I prefer to avoid it.

Lastly I love alts, if alt night is a thing I’d gladly join.

All in all, I’m just looking for a laid back guild, that focuses on heroic content clears, some m+, not super high requirements but have exceptional players that just want a chill atmosphere. The mythic raiding scene I think just isn’t for me as the requirements are super high and competitive I believe. Feel free to prove me wrong if you think I’d be a good fit for your mythic guild.

You can reach me on discord Vynlann#3711 or battletag Vynlann#11233