[H] Resto Shaman/Rogue Returning player LFG on Illidan


Hey All,

I have come back in 8.2, I last played in mythic progress in Uldir. I am looking for a guild that is somewhere between casual and hardcore so semi-hardcore lol. I have raided near cutting edge since WoD. I have some links to my old logs, but that’s about all I have. If you want older logs of old raids I might be able to dig up those as well. I have mained Warlock most of my WoW career, but I went rogue this expac, and coming back decided to level a shaman to try out restoration. Currently my rogue and my shaman are 405 and 395 ilvl. I also have a friend who came back as well, he mained a mage for a long time and is now playing warrior preferably prot but I understand finding a tank spot in a guild is tough.

Any questions/offers let me know Notionz#1371


Its not on illidian but i can only assume u putting on a general forum means u have some interest in xfering since if u didnt the illidian forum would be a more suitable place for ya. I also cant say the warrior could tank all the time but if they still wanted to do the warrior they would need to dps and could fill in if one of our mts couldnt make it. But either way imma let chad take it from here chad do your thing

Hey guys Chad the intern here, so I started interning for a new company so I got some ss-4’s and 1099 R’s to pass around so bare with me. Ok now that, that is done you can take your seat and we can begin. Have you ever dreamed of making all your friends jealous, and envious of your numerous achievements in life? Have you ever wanted to get so much gains you can bench press 40x your own body weight? Ever wanted to not he able to leave the house without a wetsuit on and a inflatable raft?

Well good news for you then since Scripted Encounter has hired me to recruit you. It’s that time of year when the time comes to open the flood gates,and get back to the old grindstone. With the dawn of a new teir looming on the horizon, we are looking flesh back out during the calm before the storm, lead by a 7/9m team, looking to shore up their roster to take on the new raid by storm.

We raid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday 8-11 PM est. So not a super hard schedule,so it’s more about being on your A game. Since we all are working professional adults, that like to get together and push mythic content. Whether it be mythic+, mythic raiding,doing the raid achieves for fun. The overall goal though pushing for that sweet sweet nectar of cutting edge.

Now I know everyone here is on the edge of there seats with anticipation, with how you can get yourself a invite. Now we believe in complete transparency, so it wouldn’t feel right without saying are needs and wants. So let’s get to brace tacs and the nitty gritty.


*Melee-ww monk,dk,warriors,ret

*range- warlocks,boomkins,spriest,mage,ele, hunter

  • Healers- mw monk, druid, rshaman.

But anyone feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post and add anyone to get in contact with one of us to inquire more.


  • Be on time and prompt
  • Bring your best
  • Food
  • Flask
  • Potions
  • A pulse
  • The ability to breath through ur nose
  • Not to live with your mother but if you do that is cool but be respectful to her.
  • Be able to bench your own body weight.

So that concludes are interview for the day, since I just got a memo that someone is in desperate need of coffee and lunch. So unfortunately This has to get called short, so please go and add sparkytiz#1491, to complete the survey and let my boss know how, i did. or add chaddaintern#1732 and as always chad factor out.


Heya! We are a new guild that is currently recruiting elite players to come and join us to achieve CE this current patch. If you are interested here is my post below! Hope to hear from you guys!