[H] Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild

Longtime Player, stopped raiding in bfa halfway through Nyalotha.

Would prefer to play on an east coast server for latency but am looking for a good home more than anything.


Sorry, this is my shaman. Default character on the forums was some random alt.

Hello, if you are interested in Alliance

About Style
We are a 2 day 6 hour guild that is looking to recruit people for our Mythic raid team come Shadowlands. We were founded in Legion where we raided ToS, Antorus and going into BFA we raided up to BoD where we disbanded.

Under new leadership, we are a group of players that has raided for different CE guilds and has gotten multiple CE’s on different tiers before and after this guild’s creation and disbanding.

Our goal going into Shadowlands is to get Cutting Edge every raid tier with the small raid days and time with no overtime raiding. We understand people have jobs and lives so we will not hold people from their lives because at the end of the day this is a game and it’s for everyone’s fun.

Raid Schedule
Tues/Wed 7-10 CST (Server Time) with invites going out 15 mins before raid.
Optional alt raid on Thursday same time.

Previous Raid Progression
Tomb of Sargeras- 8/9M
Antorus the Burning Throne- 10/11M
Uldir- 8/8M
Battle of Dazar’alor- 8/9M

What we are looking for

  • Healer (Resto Shaman/ Disc Priest)
  • Range DPS
  • DPS with healer offspec
  • Any competent DPS

Our Expectaions
We expect our raiders to be on point with keeping up with their class and specs to be able to play at the maximum level possible
We also expect our raiders to have 90% attendance given our raid days and times
We expect our raiders to be prepared by at least knowing how the boss fights works either by reading or watching a video on the boss to have some understanding
Be able to do mechanics when asked to
Push yourself to be your best
Keep up with current content

Addon Requirements

  • Bigwigs or DBM
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weakauras
  • RC LootCouncil

If you are interested in applying
https:// forms.gle/KrRJqs7LAbrwRBNaA (there is a space after the //)

If you have any other questions please contact and of our officers on Bnet:
Yaj#11571 (GM/RL)
Renegade#1467 (Officer)

I have found a home, thanks all who’ve messaged me and goodluck with your communities in shadowlands.

Lets talk and go places.