[H] Resto Druid LFG

:wave:t4: Hey everyone!

I am looking for a semi-casual laid back team. I achieved CE in Antorus on my shaman and then switched to resto druid for BfD and left my current raid group back in late Oct/early Nov while progressing at 5/9M Uldir. My druid kinda been chilling on ice since then and I’ve been missing playing her. She is a tiny bit behind in AP and gear but I am putting feelers out to see if there are any opportunities and if I can find a good fit, I’ll start putting the necessary work in to get my druid back up to par. I’m not looking for anything hardcore or serious… something more relaxed and fun :slight_smile: My current experience on another character is 9/9H and 3/9M.

:clock10: Availability is:
Tues/Wed- anytime after 7:30pm PST / 10:30pm EST
Sat- anytime
Sun- anytime

Can probably start around 7pm on Tues/Wed if necessary.

Respond below or hit me up on discord maliwali#2947. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you ever get interested in trying Alliance! (shadowmeld OP M+ !) lol
Naudica Gaming is currently looking to recruit RDPS (hunters a plus!) and a healer for our mythic raid team (3/9M) as well as players of all skill levels for our various other PvE teams, including Heroic (8/9H) and Normal (9/9N) teams.

Our Mythic team will be striving for Cutting Edge this tier, while the other groups will be getting Ahead of the Curve. Star players among the other teams have the opportunity to move up to the Mythic progression team if they show the skill and interest required to do so. The guild is founded and run by experienced raiders with the intention of providing an enjoyable, competitive atmosphere for players who excel at progression raiding, while providing opportunities for more casual players to learn, grow, and enjoy themselves. Aside from raiding the majority of our members are Mythic Plus junkies, from farming +10s to pushing high keys. We welcome any M+ farming contenders to join our daily runs.

Members of our raid teams are expected to come to each raid prepared and ready to play to their full potential. This includes having researched the fights, bringing battle potions, flasks, food, and a positive, contributing attitude.

Raid Schedule: All times are Server (PST) west coast.
G1: 3/9M 8/9H Thursday/Friday/Monday - 7:00-10:00 server time. (Mythic Progression)
G2: 9/9N Saturday/Sunday -6:30-9:30 server time.
G3: 5/9H Tuesday/Wednesday- 6:00-9:00 server time.
Our initial focus will be Mythic progression while maintaining healthy amount of weekly Normal and Heroic clears.

To chat more add plexx777#1691

Thanks Plexy for the post. I can only make your Sat/Sun times and their progression is too far behind for my interest level but thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hey mollie! We may be a bit too casual for your taste but the raid times line up exactly! We have a good group of people and love running keys! Regardless, Hope you find a good fit for you needs, take care!